AIMS is a powerful AI monitoring platform that enables smarter healthcare facilities across multiple applications.

Initially developed with leading engineers and clinicians at Boston Children’s Hospital, AIMS generates data and insights that are otherwise unachievable.

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Welcome to the era of predictive,
perceptual intelligence in healthcare.

Use Case — Hand Hygiene Monitoring & Compliance

Stop healthcare associated infections before they happen.

AIMS can proactively prevent potential infection vectors and increase hand hygiene compliance to prevent healthcare associated infections before they happen.

  • Gathers data 247, in 3D in the light and dark.
  • Provides proactive audible and visual nudges to empower behavioral change.
  • Privacy sensitive by design — AIMS does not record video or identify individuals.

How it Works


AIMS Nodes combine to create an invisible and anonymous network, observing and empowering the five moments of hand hygiene as outlined by the WHO for unparalleled patient safety.


AIMS monitors activities and positioning of hands 30x per second, in 3 dimensions, in the dark or light.


AIMS determines whether hands are sanitized or washed according to protocol.


When AIMS observes that a person has washed their hands properly, it logs the data and remains silent.


When AIMS observes that a person has not washed their hands properly, it watches carefully to ensure the person remains a safe distance from the patient.


When AIMS observes a person with unwashed hands, or improperly washed hands, is about to contact a patient, AIMS provides an audible and visual notification reminding the person to stop and wash their hands. Gentle prompts can be customized.

Powerful User-Friendly Dashboard

Our dashboard is fully customizable to give you the data you need

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Predictive Analytics

Generate new data that is otherwise unachievable, and accurately predict outcomes before they happen

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Gathers observed events in 3D, 30x per second with unparalleled accuracy

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Monitor and differentiate real time data at the room, ward, facility and multi-facility levels

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Delivers measured insights for patient care and hospital resource management

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Understand, customize reports, and educate with the easy to use dashboard

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Highest standards applied; data is anonymous, secure, and codified

Real Time Data + Insights

3D Facility & Behavior Monitoring

  • Actual Adherence to Protocols by Room, Area and Facility
  • Actual Near Misses
  • Seconds of Care Delivered & Visit Lengths
  • Time-stamped Occupancy Insights
  • Resource Allocation Insights

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Full-Service Solution

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Installation service managed by Lumenix experts and non-invasive design of AIMS ensures effortless adoption.

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Provides an effective understanding of AIMS functionality and use of dashboards. Audible and visual notifications provide ongoing education and reminders of proper procedures.

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Lumenix’s comprehensive service program ensures complete peace-of-mind during the entire product lifetime.

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AIMS is priced competitively, with a fast payback, and is designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has the performance and functionality of AIMS been tested in a clinical trial?
  • Yes, the performance and functionality of AIMS has been verified by a clinical trial in collaboration with the Canadian Federal Government and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.
Will AIMS disrupt daily activities?
  • No, AIMS is designed to be a completely self-sufficient, stand-alone system that requires no wearable hardware or servers.

  • No changes to daily activities are required aside from responding to AIMS’ supportive hand hygiene prompts, if provided.

Does AIMS know if I sanitize my hands instead of washing them with soap and water?
  • Yes, AIMS is able to perceive if hands are washed with soap and water or with alcohol-based sanitizer and will apply the appropriate protocol when determining if hand cleaning meets protocol.
  • AIMS is also capable of evaluating the quality of hand hygiene events and the hand cleanliness of every single person who moves through a clinical space. The system applies the same standard equally to all, from an attending physician to patient family members.
Can AIMS handle situations where multiple people need to enter the room at the same time?
  • Yes, AIMS perceives an environment and every set of hands in it up to 30 times per second. 

  • As a result, AIMS can discern between multiple individuals entering a room at the same time and pick up every set of hands.

How accurate is AIMS?
  • AIMS perceives the activities and positioning of hands in an environment in 3D to an accuracy of within millimeters.

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