The Future of
Hand Hygiene


The Artificially Intelligent Monitoring System (AIMS)

The World Leading Technology for Hand Hygiene Compliance

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Improve Safety

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Reduce Infections

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Improve Patient Care

Initially Developed with Leading Engineers and Clinicians at Boston Children’s Hospital

  • 100% Anonymity & Privacy of All Individuals

  • Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms

  • 3D Infrared Perceptual System

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Unlike human auditors or other compliance monitoring systems, AIMS is the only solution that is able to:

 1. Anonymously perceive the activities and positioning of every person’s hands 24/7, 30x per second in 3D.

2. Determine if hand washing technique and duration is adherent to protocol and if hands remain sanitized prior to coming in contact with, or in close proximity to, a patient.

3. Emit an audible and visual prevention notification if any person attempts to contact a patient with unclean hands.

4. Continuously observe hand hygiene compliance with an unlimited attention span in every room across a facility.

5. Provide accurate, unique, unbiased 3-dimensional data, reporting and insights in real-time. 
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Highest Level of Security and Privacy

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  • AIMS processes everything on the device via edge computing with storage in the cloud to ensure the highest level of encryption, data security and processing speed.

  • AIMS does not record video, capture or use facial recognition or obtain personally identifiable information so the identity and privacy of all persons in a facility is strictly maintained.

Lumenix's Full-Service Offering

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Anonymously monitor hand activity and positioning 24/7, 30x per second in 3D to improve hand hygiene compliance and reduce healthcare associated infections (HAIs).


Installation service managed by Lumenix experts and non-invasive design of AIMS ensures effortless adoption.


The AIMS system and dashboards are intuitive, easy-to-use and require little training. Audible and visual notifications provide ongoing education and reminders of proper procedures.

Access otherwise unattainable data, insights and robust reporting via dashboards in real-time.


Lumenix’s comprehensive service program ensures complete peace-of-mind.


AIMS is priced competitively, with a fast payback, and is designed with energy efficiency in mind.

AIMS is a “seatbelt” for hand hygiene in healthcare facilities and is the only technology of its kind.

This simple, cost-effective system is designed to dramatically improve hand hygiene compliance rates for every person in a facility, prevent potential infection vectors, reduce healthcare associated infections, and improve patient outcomes (morbidity and mortality), the patient experience and clinician workflow and decision making.

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