Latest News:  “Lumenix Joins Partnership To Address Future Pandemic Threats In Canada And Around The World”.

About Lumenix

Lumenix develops transformational AI technologies and data platforms that empower smarter, safer healthcare.

We use anonymous perceptual systems and predictive analytics to discover and understand deep insights within healthcare’s environment to help protect patients, support staff, enhance standards of care, and increase operational efficiencies.

For over 10 years, Lumenix has operated as a highly reliable organization servicing and trusted by over 10,000 clients across the healthcare, commercial, residential, industrial, and retail sectors in North America.

Lumenix works alongside its clients to provide bespoke technologies and solutions to help transform its client’s operations using world-leading artificial intelligence, robotics engineering, interconnectivity, hardware, software, sensors, and clean technologies.

Since inception, Lumenix has led disruptive change in the building technology industry, supporting its clients to be leaders of innovation in their respective fields combining novel technologies and solutions, unique business models, and alternative financing strategies. Lumenix is proudly active with CSR initiatives and delivers balanced ESG-oriented value to its customers.