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Lumenix Awarded Contract By The Federal Government of Canada To Deploy Its Artificially Intelligent Monitoring System

Lumenix’s Artificially Intelligent Monitoring System for hand hygiene (“AIMS”), will be deployed at The Ottawa Hospital, one of the largest teaching and research hospitals in Canada.

TORONTO, May 20, 2021 /​PRNewswire/​— Lumenix is pleased to announce that the Federal Government of Canada has purchased its Artificially Intelligent Monitoring System (“AIMS”) for hand hygiene to deploy at The Ottawa Hospital, one of the largest teaching and research hospitals in Canada.

Lumenix’s Artificially Intelligent Monitoring System was developed over several years with leading clinicians and engineers at Boston Children’s Hospital. AIMS is a state-of-the-art platform technology designed to apply the best of robotics engineering, artificial intelligence and 3D perceptual systems to transform hand hygiene monitoring and compliance in healthcare and other facilities.

Among its features, AIMS can anonymously monitor the activities and positioning of hands in 3‑dimensions, observe if hand washing technique and duration has met protocol, determine if hands remain sanitized prior to coming in contact with a patient and prevent hand hygiene violations before they happen with real-time notifications. The technology does not require any wearable hardware and has user-friendly dashboards with real-time data, insights and reporting to track hand hygiene compliance, reduce the spread of infections and improve safety in a facility.

We are excited to partner with Lumenix and the Federal Government to bring this world-leading technology into The Ottawa Hospital,” said Dr. Alan Forster, EVP & Chief Innovation and Quality Officer, The Ottawa Hospital. Effective hand hygiene is an important factor in reducing the spread of infections. Now, more than ever, Canadian healthcare needs to find ways to keep our facilities safe for patients, staff and visitors. AIMS is a patient centric solution that monitors hand hygiene and supports our staff in a way that was simply not possible before.” 

We look forward to continuing our work with the talented and dedicated teams at The Ottawa Hospital and Innovative Solutions Canada,” said Scott Delaney, Chairman and CEO, Lumenix. The AIMS platform technology represents a significant leap forward in hand hygiene monitoring and compliance. For the first time, facilities can monitor every hand hygiene opportunity 247 in real time, while at the same time, use AIMS’ proactive communication systems to help everyone in the building feel safer, practice better hand hygiene and reduce the spread of infections. We are excited to bring AIMS to the world as the hand hygiene application is only the beginning of what our AIMS platform technology is capable of.”

To learn more about the AIMS platform technology, please visit: www​.aim​splat​form​.io or contact a Lumenix representative at info@​AIMSplatform.​io.

To learn more about Innovative Solutions Canada please visit: www​.cana​da​.ca/​i​n​n​o​v​a​t​i​v​e​-​s​o​l​u​tions.

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